Call Me Doctor by Rachel Bilson

20. january 2012 at 15:32 |  HOD - Other
Rachel spolupracovala s Wilsonem Bethelem (Wade z Hart of Dixie) na vtipné parodii na Hart of Dixie pro web-stránku Funny or Die. Wilson napsal text a Rach to krásně zarappovala. - Miluju jí! Ona je úžasná! :D Na to video se musíte-musíte-musíte podívat! Dělá si tam vlastně ze sebe srandu, srandu z The O.C. a tak. :D Je tam úžasná ♥. Jako rapper by se určo uživila. :D :)
Dávám vám sem i text, kdyby jste něco nepochytili. :) A zbytek novinek přidám zítra, nechce se mi...

You said I don't look like a what?
Like a real doctor? A real doctor wouldn't dress like me? Wouldn't act like me? Wouldn't look like me?

Lab coat Dolce
Clip board Prada
Vera Wang Short shorts
Nametag: Doctor

C Dub, bitches
What the fuck you expect
I'm a doctor
Stethoscope hanging round my neck

Same chick, new shit
New show, full clip
Fresh dipped, new kicks
Only Jimmy Choos bitch!

Been a little while
But I'm back again
Summer Roberts
Back up on the track again

Peaced up out the OC
Ben & Brody, deuces
Did a couple movies
Drank a couple juices

Still they coming at me
like where you been
you should be asking
Mischa Barton

Critics talking
Shit about my acting
nice chick schtick
aint happening

Who be bloggin on the internet
Jealous trick, suck a tit
Get a pap smear with an oven mitt

Too hot
Give your man a tent in his trousers
so all the critics want to doubt her

And I'm unbelievable
Check your web browser
Haters get Two words
Doogie Howser

I'm an innovator
A resuscitator
You only part dead
Pass the defibrillator

(Clear) I'm a monster
(Clear) I go HAM
Jay & Ye can keep the throne
Cause I don't give a damn

Every other month
on the cover of
Magazine, periodical
Front and center with a pouty mouth

Still the pounce
Me coming out my house
Paparazzi flashing out
Pop pop when my gat come out

Lil bitty actresses
Trying to get they asses kissed
Make me want to slap a bitch
Put em on a blacklist

Five foot nothin'
Flow like Cam'ron
If Natalie get mad at me
Remind her who da Black Swan.

Fuck the Emmys
Fuck the fame
just addicted to the money,
and the game

So when you see us doing 80
in the prius
full tint, louie print
what's my motherfucking name?



1 Haydin AFF Haydin AFF | Web | 20. january 2012 at 18:00 | React

Je to fakt bezvadný! One je COOOL a prostě nejlepší! ;D

2 xo.Nikushka xo.Nikushka | Web | 20. january 2012 at 19:30 | React

Je tam skvělá, ale nikdy bych to do ní neřekla..:D děsně se mi líbí ty zuby ♥

3 Jill Jill | Web | 21. january 2012 at 0:57 | React

tak to je važne skvele :DD pobavila ma :D a ten text.. :D

4 Tinka Tinka | Web | 21. january 2012 at 14:14 | React

Ona mi príde strašne vtipná :) Vie si urobiť srandu aj zo seba a to sa cení :)

5 gomez-community gomez-community | Web | 21. january 2012 at 17:29 | React

Úžasná :) Milujem ju hlave ako Zoey Hart :) A toto video je podarené, najviac sa mi páči ako spomenula Mischu Barton :D

6 Jemi Jemi | Web | 21. january 2012 at 22:03 | React

Ahoj zahlasuješ za mňa prosím tu:
A prepáč, že ti to nepíšem do reklám, ale ide o postup do finále tak je to pre mňa dosť dôležité :-)

7 Véja Véja | Web | 22. january 2012 at 11:43 | React


8 Julli Julli | Web | 22. january 2012 at 12:35 | React

Ne tak tohle je parádní :D hlavně jak je potom oblečená za toho rappera :D

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